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The Sewing Corner

Diary of a Fabric Addict

Petite Rien
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I'm a costume nut, a geisha enthusiast, and a pin-up girl. I have an insatiable wanderlust, and love to travel. Anything else you want to know, just ask.


1700s, 18th century, a-kon, abby sciuto, absinthe, alchemy, ancient egypt, angelic pretty, anime, archaeology, art nouveau, asian boys, baroque, belly dancing, bianca solderini, blackwork embroidery, bodices, books, bouguereau, bustle dresses, calligraphy, castrati, cats, cheese, circus acts, classical music, corsetry, corsets, cosplay, costume, costumes, costuming, count d, dances of vice, decadence, deviantart, dirigibles, drawing, drawing blood, egl, elizabethan, embroidery, fanart, farthingales, freak shows, frock coats, furisode, geisha, glam rock, glam rococo, gothic lolita, gothic subculture, h.g. wells, harpsichord, heian era, hellsing, historical clothing, historical fiction, historical garb, history, hot springs, human blockhead, ikebana, ireland, irish dance, italy, japan, japanese, japanese music, kanzashi, katsura, kimono, kitsuke, klaha, kyoto, lace, languages, literature, lost souls, maiko, malice mizer, mana, manga, mechanical spiders, military uniforms, museums, ncis, neil gaiman, neo-victorian, new orleans, nihon buyo, nobility, oscar wilde, paganism, painting, pannier, pearls, petshop of horrors, petticoats, phantom of the opera, photography, photoshop, picture of dorian gray, poppy z. brite, purple prose, reading, regency, ren faires, renaissance, renaissance festivals, rennaisance faires, revolutionary war, ricean vampires, rococo, rococo fashion, sewing, sideshow, sir integra, spectacles, ss uniforms, steampunk, steampunk modding, steve and ghost, sushi, swords, taiko, tarot cafe, tea, tea ceremony, the 18th century, the age of enlightenment, the eighteenth century, the georgian period, thunderstorms, travel, tricornes, trinity blood, tudor, uniforms, vampire chronicles, vampires, venice, victorian, victorian clothing, victorian dresses, victorian gothic, waterhouse, wormwood, writing