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Well, October is coming to an end, and commission craziness is finally wrapping up.  I have two Star Wars and a Final Fantasy, and then I am DONE.  I can't wait.  The past few weeks have been all a bunch of long, work-filled nights that seem to be much less productive than I anticipate. Thankfully, one of these costumes should be finished by Monday, the next by Tuesday, and another by Wednesday. Everything will be finished by next weekend. It will!
Once October is finished, I finally get a chance to take a bit of a break.  I still have a couple of commissions that I need to work on, but they aren't due until next April, so I'm not exactly pressed for time.  November is going to be somewhat full, as I'm going to be the Cosplay Guest at a convention in Plano the first weekend of the month, and I'm going to audition for the cast of Four Winds Faire the weekend after that, but after that I'm free.  I plan to take the rest of November to start building up inventory and making prototypes to put up on the new website.
I finally found a really sleek, good looking website template that I want to use for the business site. Now I just need to come up with a name.  I was going to go with Royal Threads at first, but when I looked it up, it turned out that it was being used by some sort of large clothing manufacturer/distributor, so it's no longer an option. (It's also being used by a web design company, an industrial sewing company, a career employment centre, and a menswear manufacture. And that was just on the first page of google results.)  So, now I'm thinking of going with Golden Age Design.  It sounds professional, and there were several 'golden ages' in the past 500+ years, so it covers all the eras I'll be offering clothes from. And, as far as I've found, it isn't being used by anyone else.
Anyway, I'll have underpinnings, skirts, gowns, 'deluxe' gowns that will come with all the underpinnings and support garments needed, accessories, and menswear (doublets, frock coats, shirts, etc). There's allot of stuff...panniers, bustles, different sorts of shirts, skirts, entire gowns...there's allot of work ahead of me.  And I've already been invited to set up a booth at Four Winds, so I'd need something to show there, even if it is just a dress on a mannequin and a book to order from. 
I think the first thing I'm going to make is the emerald green dress from The Other Boleyn Girl.  It's easily recognizable, it's the iconic dress of the movie, and it's fairly simple to make.  There are a couple of other Deluxe gowns I have planned - the orange gown Viola wears in Shakespeare in Love, Elizabeth's white gown from Elizabeth: The Golden Age, the black/white striped polonaise from Sleepy Hollow, the bubblegum pink anglaise from Marie Antoinette, and a couple more I can't remember right now. Still hoping to have everything up and running by January, so, fingers crossed!

Pissed and Stressed

Ugh, and ugh.
And I haven't posted in a while, and when I do it's to vent. Don't you all feel lucky?
So, I did end up finishing Suh Wang Mo, which I based partially on the China Cart dress and partially on a panel from the manga. I entered into the walk-ons at AnimeFEST with Mel, who had put together a costume to compete with me. We won Best in Show. Almost immediately afterward there were people pissed off that we won because I had entered into A-kon's Hall Cosplay in June and won there. (Different con, three months apart, different divisions, and I entered alone, not with Mel.) That bothered Mel more than me because it was just other competitors that were miffed.
But then, I got a showcase on Cosplay.com for the costume. This one twerp crawled out from beneath the floorboards and started claiming that I had told the judges that I had BOUGHT the costume, which is completely untrue. He called me a cheater and a disgrace to cosplay, etc. Normally this wouldn't bother me as much as it does, but he was posting it on several pictures of the costume, on journal entries, pretty much anywhere his slimy little hands could get. So now, people are going to think I lied and bought the costume, even though I have up in-progress pictures of how I made it! ~headdesk~ I don't mind other competitors blathering about how they should have won for one reason or another, I've had to put up with that sort of thing ever since competing in Irish Dance, but this guy seems to have some sort of vendetta against me. I don't get it.
I was extremely upset about it this morning, but now I've calmed down a bit. If he wants to blather and lie about me, then there's nothing I can do about it. Except build more awesome costumes, and soundly CRUSH him in the next competition.
Ugh, I'm losing my mind.  I have three or four costumes that I need to work on, but I have no time because of my retarded work schedule, and no money for supplies, because of my retarded work schedule. x.x  I have two Chinese costumes, a bustle gown, and an 18th century Navy uniform in the works, all of which need to be done by the beginning of June, but there's no way in hell all of them are going to get done.  So, the bustle gown is on the back burner because it wasn't priority, the uniform is on hold because I can't get the stupid pattern to do right, one Chinese gown is on hold until I can get supplies, and the other can be finished, but isn't slated for any competitions!  ~headdesk~ 
What's worse is that I really would rather be working on an 18th century gown.  Ugh.
I also want to start building up inventory for the online shop my friend John and I are going to open.  We're going to be selling Elizabethan and Rococo clothing, and we'll be hitting Renaissance Festivals.  The website will be up first, and then we'll hit the faires, and we're hoping to set up at our first faire next summer or fall.  But, that would require inventory, and I would LOVE to be making some, but bills have already eaten today's paycheck so that I now have a whopping $20 in the bank.  Again.  Ugh.  
Obviously, I'm frustrated.  And I'm tired.  I'm tired of BS from the management at work, I'm tired of working endless stretches of days and then just getting one day off, getting shitty paychecks, I'm just tired.  I want these costumes finished, I want my loan paid off, and I want to have inventory so that I can quit my lousy job and set up at some festivals!  ~headdesk~
Sorry about the rant...I had to vent.


I feel like I've severely neglected my poor LiveJournal. ^^;  And I really miss the people on here!  But, I'm usually on Facebook now, seeing as I'm totally addicted to it.  I have all my costuming projects on there and frequent updates on how my sewing is going, so it's definitely more active.  If you want to be my Facebook friend, follow the link!

Love ya!


I'm thinking of adding this costume to the repertoire:

She isn't a main character, and shows up only for about 2 minutes during one episode, but I just love her outfit!  Plus, it would be something comfortable to walk around in.  Not for A-kon, of course, I already have enough on my plate for that Con, but maybe for the next Con, whatever that is.  :p


Taking a moment to bitch

Okay, I now suspect that Belk is actively trying to drive away their employees, like those weed out classes the first semester if college to drive away the non-commitals. First, I'm told that I "isolate myself" down at in petites and lingerie. Then, when I go to the front, I'm yelled at that the other end isn't covered. (Oh yeah, and first I was told that it only needed to be covered on the weekends, then when I'm up front during the week, I'm told it's all the time.) I'm told I need to be more of a " team player" because there are so few employees in women's, then I come in from a day off to find that they've left three days of stock for ME to open, and no one has bothered to open any of the registers! I'm getting conflicting orders from the five bosses I have, and am then chewed out by one or the other for not doing what they said. Ugh! I'm done. I'm looking for a new job.

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Fabric, ho!

Guess what was waiting on my front porch when I got home from work today...a gigantic box of the most beautiful red velvet!  It's so luscious, I can't wait to dive into it. It's allot heavier than I first expected since it's home dec velvet, so I'm going to have to construct a new bustle to support it.  I guess that means I need to get some muslin and garden hose. :p
Progress on Suh Wang Mo is going nicely.  I've managed to cut out a majority of the pieces, wired some of them, and sealed and painted a couple.  I put pics up on facebook, and I'm too lazy to repost them here. :p  But, things are going nicely, and I have 19 yards of red georgette on its way, so I'll be able to start on the dress soon. ^^
Haven't received the blue velvet for Calamity Jane yet, but I'm expecting it sometime this week. ^^


Ugh, does anyone know a magician?  Or a plastic surgeon?  My body won't do what I tell it to.  I say, "Body, you should be smaller," and it replies, "Screw you, Hippy, now eat another cookie!"  I always feel this way before Con time, though, so I guess I'll go back to my vigourous workouts and 1100 calories/day.  x.x  There are only three months to go, you know!

Oh, and Alice in Wonderland was 'meh'.  It had it's funny moments, though, and the March Hare was definitely my favourite character, but I wasn't overly impressed.  Johnny Depp's on again off again Scottish accent was really WTF, too.  Maybe I'm just burnt out on the Johnny Depp/Helena Bonham-Carter/Tim Burton trifecta. 
Waaah!  So much to do!  Mel and I decided to GO FOR IT for A-kon, so we have some rather ambitious cosplays planned.  x.x  I also have a couple of costumes planned for myself, which I hope to enter into the Hall Cosplay contests.

-Trinity Blood (yes, again) - Queen Esther and Calamity Jane  -  This will be for our cosplay walk across Saturday night.  Mel figured we could do TB once more and get away with it before people were like, "OMG, they're doing Trinity Blood again.''
I'm doing Calamity Jane (that's Bloody Mary in the pic, but they wear the same uniform) of the Royal Albion Navy.  The base costume is pretty simple, it's basically just a shadbelly coat with a bunch of bling.  Mel is going to do Queen Esther...not that gown, but one very similar to it.  Fingers crossed on placing in the cosplay!

-Kuroshitsuji - Madame Red - I found a bolt of red velvet (10 yards) on ebay and bought it, so now it just has to arrive.  I'm used to making bustle dresses, and should have this punched out in a couple of days. ^^  I've even managed to find the wig and shoes on ebay!  I <3 ebay.  :p  I'm thinking of entering the finished product in the hall cosplay if it turns out well enough, but we'll see how I feel about it when it's finished.  I may just leave it as something to wear around the con.

-Bride of the Water God - Suh Wang Mo - I started out thinking about this one because Mel and I were trying to decide what series to cosplay after Trinity Blood.  We couldn't find something that was suitably epic enough.  I read this series last year, and loved the costumes, and since it's a manhwa, colour and style are sort of up to interpretation.  I liked how elaborate Suh Wang Mo's outfits were, so I sort of settled on her.  Then, I went on China-Cart to find colour inspiration, and I found this : Ancient Chinese Princess Set
I MUST HAVE THIS.  Suh Wang Mo seemed like a good excuse to make that outfit, so now I'm really excited about it.  If I manage to finish it before A-kon, then I'm definitely entering it into the hall cosplay contest. ^^

I'm also going to have my junior maiko outfit done, just to wear around the halls.  ^^ I still have to finish the green court gown for Scarby, too.  x.x  At least I can work on that during my lunch breaks at work, but still, SO MUCH TO DO.  


Now, off to start that headdress...

Maiko Katsura

Hooray, the bloody thing is finished!

Here's how I did it...Collapse )

And that was it!  With the finishing touch of some kanzashi, it's ready to wear.  ^^  I'm very pleased with how it turned out, and with the fact that I don't have to ever do this to my own hair!  I can only imagine doing this to my own poor hair, and having to remove all that hair glue and hairspray afterward.  o.o 

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